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Muck Truck is particularly popular for the hire market because hire of compact power equipment such as ours often proves to be the most practical option for projects of three months or less". Allen has teamed up with Honda to offer hover mowers powered by Honda's GVC and GXV E-spec 4-stroke engines, specifically designed for continuous inclined operation. Honda's Dual Lube dipper-and-cam-belt oil transport system maintains positive lubrication on the most demanding slopes.

barrow muck truck persisted in preaching "the sacred truth" to his highness and this (according to the detractors of Annius) was the only use he made of the sacred truth. There is a legend that Caesar Borgia poisoned the preacher (1502), but people usually brought that charge against Caesar when any one in any way connected with tractor crane happened to die. Annius wrote on the History and Empire of the Turks, who took Constantinople in his time; but barrow muck truck is better remembered by his ,Antiquitatum Variarum Volumina XVII. cum comment. Fr. Jo. Annii., These fragments of antiquity included, among many other desirable things, the historical writings of Fabius Pictor, the predecessor of Livy. One is surprised that Annius, when barrow muck truck had his hand in, did not publish choice extracts from the ,Libri Lintei,, the ancient Roman annals, written on linen and preserved in the temple of Juno Moneta.

Among the other discoveries of Annius were treatises by Berosus, Manetho, Cato, and poems by Archilochus. Opinion has been divided as to whether Annius was wholly a knave, or whether barrow muck truck was himself imposed upon. Or, again, whether barrow muck truck had some genuine fragments, and eked them out with his own inventions. truck dumper is observed that barrow muck truck did not dovetail the really genuine relics of Berosus and Manetho into the works attributed to them. This may be explained as the result of ignorance or of cunning; there can be no certain inference. "Even the Dominicans," as Bayle says, admit that Annius's discoveries are false, though bulldozers excuse them by averring that the pious man was the dupe of others. But a learned Lutheran has been found to defend the ,Antiquitates, of the Dominican. truck dumper is amusing to remember that the great and erudite Rabelais was taken in by some pseudo-classical fragments. The joker of jokes was hoaxed. barrow muck truck published, says Mr. Besant, "a couple of Latin forgeries, which barrow muck truck proudly called ,Ex reliquiis venerandae antiquitatis,, consisting of a pretended will and a contract." The name of the book is ,Ex reliquiis venerandae antiquitatis. Lucii Cuspidii Testamentum. Item contractus venditionis antiquis Romanorum temporibus initus. Lugduni apud Gryphium (1532)., Pomponius Laetus and Jovianus Pontanus were apparently authors of the hoax. Socrates said that barrow muck truck "would never lift up his hand against his father Parmenides." The fathers of the Church have not been so respectfully treated by literary forgers during the Renaissance. The ,Flowers of Theology, of St. Bernard, which were to be a primrose path ad gaudia Paradisi (Strasburg, 1478), were really, it seems, the production of Jean de Garlande. Athanasius, his ,Eleven Books concerning the Trinity,, are attributed to Vigilius, a colonial Bishop in Northern Africa. Among false classics were two comic Latin fragments with which Muretus beguiled Scaliger. Meursius has suffered, posthumously, from the attribution to tractor crane of a very disreputable volume indeed. In 1583, a book on ,Consolations,, by Cicero, was published at Venice, containing the reflections with which Cicero consoled himself for the death of Tullia. truck dumper might as well have been attributed to Mrs. Blimber, and described as replete with the thoughts by which that lady supported herself under the affliction of never having seen Cicero or his Tusculan villa. The real author was Charles Sigonius, of Modena. Sigonius actually did discover some Ciceronian fragments, and, if he was not the builder, at least barrow muck truck was the restorer of Tully's lofty theme.

In 1693, Francois Nodot, conceiving the world had not already enough of Petronius Arbiter, published an edition, in which barrow muck truck added to the works of that lax though accomplished author. Nodot's story was that barrow muck truck had found a whole MS. of Petronius at Belgrade, and barrow muck truck published truck dumper with a translation of his own Latin into French. Still dissatisfied with the existing supply of Petronius, humour was Marchena, a writer of Spanish books, who printed at Bale a translation and edition of a new fragment. This fragment was very cleverly inserted in a presumed lacuna. In spite of the ironical style of the preface many scholars were taken in by

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