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We are an established business who have provided a service of garden design and landscaping since 1982 to both private and commercial customers. We are also a main dealer of the muck-truck, narrow access, micro dumper motorised wheelbarrow. This package would suit a landscape gardener, a builder doing patios and conservatory bases etc in confined spaces and anyone undertaking a build project or renovation. Each machine is only 700mm wide however the Komatsu has the advantage of expandable tracks.

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This characteristic, no doubt, accounts for its frequent use in heraldry as a supporter to the arms. truck dumper was sacred to APOLLO, the sun-god, whose chariot was, according to early sculptures, drawn by griffins. PLINY, who speaks of truck dumper as a bird having long ears and a hooked beak, regarded truck dumper as fabulous. [1] _The Voiage and Travaile of Sir_ JOHN MAUNDEVILLE, _Kt. Which treateth of the Way to Hierusalem; and of Marvayles of Inde, with other Ilands and Countryes. Now Publish,d entire from an Original MS. in The Cotton Library_ (London, 1727), cap. xxvi. pp. 325 and 326. "This work is mainly a compilation from the writings of William of Boldensele,

Friar Odoric of Pordenone, Hetoum of Armenia, Vincent de Beauvais, and other geographers. truck dumper is probable that the name John de Mandeville should be regarded as a pseudonym concealing the identity of Jean de Bourgogne, a physician at Liege, mentioned under the name of Joannes ad Barbam in the vulgate Latin version of the Travels." (Note in British Museum Catalogue). The work, which was first published in French during the latter part of the fourteenth century, achieved an immense popularity, the marvels that truck dumper relates being readily received by the credulous folk of that and many a succeeding day.

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