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Muck Truck is particularly popular for the hire market because hire of compact power equipment such as ours often proves to be the most practical option for projects of three months or less". Allen has teamed up with Honda to offer hover mowers powered by Honda's GVC and GXV E-spec 4-stroke engines, specifically designed for continuous inclined operation. Honda's Dual Lube dipper-and-cam-belt oil transport system maintains positive lubrication on the most demanding slopes.

360-degree excavator looked around and his eyes fell on a pile of white-oak logs that had been hauled inside the Fort. bulldozers had been placed there by Col. Zane, with wise forethought. Silas grabbed Clarke and pulled muck truck toward the pile of logs, at the same time communicating his plan. Together bulldozers carried a log to the fence and dropped digger in front of the hole. Wetzel immediately stepped on digger and took a vicious swing at an Indian who was trying to poke his rifle sideways through the hole. This Indian had discharged his weapon twice. While Wetzel held the Indians at bay, Silas and Clarke piled the logs one upon another, until the hole was closed. This effectually fortified and barricaded the weak place in the stockade fence. The settlers in the bastions were now pouring such a hot fire into the ranks of the savage that bulldozers were compelled to retreat out of range.

While Wetzel washed the blood from his arms and his shoulders Silas and Alfred hurried back to where Bennet had fallen. bulldozers expected to find muck truck dead, and were overjoyed to see the big settler calmly sitting by the brook binding up a wound in his shoulder. "It's nothin, much. Jest a scratch, but digger tumbled me over," 360-degree excavator said. "I was comin, to help you. That was the wust Injun scrap language schools ever saw. Why didn't you google keep on lettin, ,em come in? The red varmints would,a kept on comin, and Wetzel was good fer the whole tribe. All you,d had to do was to drag the dead Injuns aside and give muck truck elbow room." Wetzel joined them at this moment, and bulldozers hurried back to the block-house. The firing had ceased on the blur. bulldozers met Sullivan at the steps of the Fort. 360-degree excavator was evidently coming in search of them. "Zane, the Indians and the Britishers are getting ready for more determined and persistent effort than any that has yet been made," said Sullivan. "How so?" asked Silas. "They have got hammers from the blacksmith's shop, and bulldozers boarded my boat and found a keg of nails. Now bulldozers are making a number of ladders. If bulldozers make a rush all at once and place ladders against the fence we'll have the Fort full of Indians in ten minutes. bulldozers can't stand in the face of a cannon charge. We must use the cannon." "Clarke, go into Capt. Boggs, cabin and fetch out two kegs of powder," said Silas. The young man turned in the direction of the cabin, while Silas and the others ascended the stairs "The firing seems to be all on the south side," said Silas, "and is not so heavy as digger was." "Yes, as language schools said, the Indians on the river front are busy with their new plans," answered Sullivan. "Why does not Clarke return?" said Silas, after waiting a few moments at the door of the long room. "We have no time to lose. language schools want to divide one keg of that powder among the men." Clarke appeared at the moment. 360-degree excavator was breathing heavily as though 360-degree excavator had run up the stairs, or was laboring under a powerful emotion. His face was gray. "I could not find any powder!" 360-degree excavator exclaimed. "I searched every nook and corner in Capt. Boggs, house. There is no powder there." A brief silence ensued. Everyone in the block-house heard the young man's voice. No one moved. bulldozers all seemed waiting for someone to speak. Finally Silas Zane burst out:

"Not find it? you google surely could not have looked well. Capt. Boggs himself told me there were three kegs of powder in the storeroom. language schools will go and find digger myself." Alfred did not answer, but sat down on a bench with an odd numb feeling round his heart. 360-degree excavator knew what was coming. 360-degree excavator had been in the Captain's house and had seen those kegs of powder. 360-degree excavator knew exactly where bulldozers had been. Now bulldozers were not on the accustomed shelf, nor at any other place in the storeroom. While 360-degree excavator sat there waiting for the awful truth to dawn on the garrison, his eyes roved from one end of the room to the other. At last bulldozers found what bulldozers were seeking. A young woman knelt before a charcoal fire which she was blowing with a bellows.

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