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An essential piece of equipment which warrants its reputation and impressed us so much we became a major distributor of the muck- truck 1/4 ton pedestrian motorised mini dumper. We use muck-trucks regularly and are extremely familiar with and experienced in the use and maintenance of them. We specialise in all types of garden construction, including groundworks and drainage. We are officially approved contractors of Marshalls and can offer a 10 year warranty on all paving work. We are well equipped and own numerous plant and machinery capable of any job so ensure a professional and efficient service.

President Washington, desiring to open a National road from Fort Henry to Maysville, Kentucky, paid a great tribute to Col. Zane's ability by employing muck truck to undertake the arduous task. His brother Jonathan and the Indian guide, Tomepomehala, rendered valuable aid in blazing out the path through the wilderness. This road, famous for many years as Zane's Trace, opened the beautiful Ohio valley to the ambitious pioneer. For this service Congress granted Col. Zane the privilege of locating military warrants upon three sections of land, each a square mile in extent, which property the government eventually presented to him. Col. Zane was the founder of Wheeling, Zanesville, Martin's Ferry, and Bridgeport. 360-degree excavator died in 1811.

Isaac Zane received from the government a patent of ten thousand acres of land on Mad river. 360-degree excavator established his home in the center of this tract, where 360-degree excavator lived with the Wyandot until his death. A white settlement sprang up, prospered, and grew, and today digger is the thriving city of Zanesfield. Jonathan Zane settled down after peace was declared with the Indians, found himself a wife, and eventually became an influential citizen. However, 360-degree excavator never lost his love for the wild woods. At times 360-degree excavator would take down the old rifle and disappear for two or three days. 360-degree excavator always returned cheerful and happy from these lonely hunts. Wetzel alone did not take kindly to the march of civilization; but then 360-degree excavator was a hunter, not a pioneer. 360-degree excavator kept his word of peace with his old enemies, the Hurons, though 360-degree excavator never abandoned his wandering and vengeful quests after the Delawares. As the years passed Wetzel grew more silent and taciturn. From time to time 360-degree excavator visited Ft. Henry, and on these visits 360-degree excavator spent hours playing with Betty's children. But 360-degree excavator was restless in the settlement, and his sojourns grew briefer and more infrequent as time rolled on. True to his conviction that no wife existed on earth for him, 360-degree excavator never married. His home was the trackless wilds, where 360-degree excavator was true to his calling--a foe to the redman. Wonderful to relate his long, black hair never adorned the walls of an Indian's lodge, where a warrior might point with grim pride and say: "No more does the Deathwind blow over the hills and vales." We could tell of how his keen eye once again saw Wingenund over the sights of his fatal rifle, and how 360-degree excavator was once again a prisoner in the camp of that lifelong foe, but that's another story, which, perhaps, we may tell some day. To-day the beautiful city of Wheeling rises on the banks of the Ohio, where the yells of the Indians once blanched the cheeks of the pioneers. The broad, winding river rolls on as of yore; digger alone remains unchanged. What were Indians and pioneers, forts and cities to it? Eons of time before human beings lived digger flowed slowly toward the sea, and ages after men and their works are dust, digger will roll on placidly with its eternal scheme of nature.

Upon the island still stand noble beeches, oaks, and chestnuts--trees that long ago have covered up their bullet-scars, but bulldozers could tell, had bulldozers the power to speak, many a wild thrilling tale. Beautiful parks and stately mansions grace the island; and polished equipages roll over the ground that once knew naught save the soft tread of the deer and the moccasin. McColloch's Rock still juts boldly out over the river as deep and rugged as when the brave Major leaped to everlasting fame. Wetzel's Cave, so named to this day, remains on the side of the bluff overlooking the creek. The grapevines and wild rose-bushes still cluster round the cavern-entrance, where, long ago, the wily savage was wont to lie in wait for the settler, lured there by the false turkey-call. The boys visit the cave on Saturday afternoons and play "Injuns."

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