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*For manufactures and distributors, please check on whether you have the right to use the word mark “MUCK-TRUCK “. Here is the process status of trademark “MUCK-TRUCK “ in U.S.A., please also check on your relevant local trademark authorities.

Our mission is to make it easy to trade muck truck (new or used) anywhere. We provide technology and services to facilitate retail and wholesale muck truck (new or used) trade.

What is a muck truck? Muck truck is a motorized power wheelbarrows. With proper engine, it drives and moves loads of up to 1/4 ton on wet and uneven ground. With quick fit, interchangeable muck truck accessories, it delivers efficiency and productivity benefits in industries of building, landscaping, and utilities. You can check the full screen muck truck working video here.

Muck Truck can include a wide range of purpose-designed attachments, including a flat bed, extension sides, turf tires, a vacuum attachment and a skip loading ramp. The ramp was selected to enhance its capabilities. A high-performance fuel pump ensures constant fuel delivery regardless of degree of incline.

Muck truck is particularly popular for the hire market because it often proves to be the most practical option for projects of three months or less. Muck truck often teams up with Honda to offer enhanced abilities for continuous inclined operation. Honda's Dual Lube dipper-and-cam-belt oil transport system maintains positive lubrication on the most demanding slopes.

Muck truck is becoming the essential material handling machine and is the perfect partner for other machine. The power barrow mini dumper is the incredibly cost effective solution to fast waste removal, skip filling and load shifting tasks. It will go anywhere a tracked machine will at twice the speed and one third of the cost and is fast becoming the essential material handling machine for the builder, plant hirer, landscaper, gardener and DIY enthusiast.

The muck truck and accessories (skip loading ramp, flat bed, extension sides and gripper) are normally kept in stock for immediate delivery. The video clip show the muck truck power barrow in different working conditions displaying how the highly maneuverable, 4 speed, motorized wheelbarrow is ideal for making quick work of load shifting and skip filling jobs in any environment from construction sites to estates and small, domestic gardens.


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